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August 8 - 18, 2020

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Starting August 2020



Who: 7 - 12 people so far, emerging from the Elderberries community


When: August 8 - 18, 2020


How: walking and hiking by the waterways


A walking-learning journey through social and cultural maps, individual research and  landscapes from Wisconsin to Illinois.

Explore living rhythms, share food and song and story, forging connection in tandem to the land. Friends can join for a block, a mile, a day, or for the whole journey, into the city and the water. What is trying to be born right now? How can we take care of each other? What does it mean to be in the US right now?

Want to join or connect? Be in touch with us here.




Who: So far 6 fellows from Germany: and maybe you? Maximum 10 people.


When: 1st of May until 15th of September 2019 (4½ months). 


How: 4500km by bike, sleeping in our tents, carrying everything we need in our bags on those bikes.

Germany to Georgia



We are planning to have two possible joining times: 1st of May and 15th of July. This means you have three options to journey with us. From the beginning until the 15th of July (2.5 months), from the 15th of July until the end or all the way. There won’t be any other option to join or leave, to not disturb the group dynamics all the time.

Though we do plan an open week around end of May/ beginning of June somewhere in eastern Europe. 



Our daily rhythm will consist of an early rise and pack up, followed by about 2h of biking. Then we will take a study break. This does not mean ‘studying’ in the institutional understanding (e.g. University, Schools etc.) but in Classroom Alive style. You designate your time to whatever makes you feel most alive. This has ranged from molecular biology, meditation or log house construction to topics like wild foods, philosophy, music or the self in past Classroom Alive Journeys. You choose yours. After that break we bike for another 2h until we reach our camp spot for the night, cook some delicious food on the fire, raise our tents, sing songs or tell stories over the dying coals and then go to sleep.


Our decisions are made by consensus. That means that not everybody has to be in favor, but there can’t be anyone opposing the decision. If there is, we still need to find a way that suits everyone. That sounds more complicated than it is in practice, most groups of friends going out at night work that way. 





Dates: Jan 10 - Mar 9, 2019

Participants: 3


Where: Israel/Palestine




Blog (English):


Blog (Korean):


Distance walked: 465km

Journeying across Israel/Palestine, listening deeply to the stories of people on the ground, working with Open Master’s tools to process, learning from nonviolent resistance, and growing our capacity for understanding whilst walking in the rolling hills. Classroom Alive: Stories in Movement was rooted in human/story-centric education by appreciating and listening to the stories, people, experiences, cultures, dreams, histories, rights, traumas, politics, environments, economies, etc. that make up Israel/Palestine. 


Throughout these months, we experienced deep confrontation between the Classroom Alive model we’d adapted and the context of Israel/Palestine (particularly violations of Palestinians' human rights), primarily through restrictions on freedom of movement. This confrontation, along with the immense challenge of how to carry all involved peoples and narratives in our hearts, dared us to truly centre the conflict and occupation in each of our learning journeys — and discover our personal commitments/responsibilities to the futures of all involved peoples.




Dates: February 1st - April 30th, 2019 


Where: New Zealand (South Island)


Walking and visiting at least one marae



New Zealand


Classroom Alive aims to explore new ways of learning, reconnect to nature and create a thriving community together. Engaging in self-directed studies, each of us will bring our own subjects to dive into as well as choose how we want to learn.

We will be using the pillars of: 

  • Walking

  • Study

  • Community

  • Nature

On the 1st of February 2019, we plan to start in the world’s coolest little capital Wellington and take the ferry across Cook Strait. We’ll walk to Te Awhina Marae o Motueka ( in Motueka via the Queen Charlotte Track; we feel very privileged to be invited to visit this marae.

From there on, we have several options. We might walk the coastal track of Abel Tasman and the Heaphy Track before making our way southbound. We would like to aim for Bruce Bay on the West Coast and visit a marae there too. This would involve some public transport, because the trails and camping options are limited on the West Coast. Thereafter, we cut through the mountain ranges and pick up the Te Araroa Track from Te Anau or Queenstown and head northbound toward Wellington.

We will traverse Alps, farmland and small to medium towns. We like to walk a distance of approximately 1000 km in 3 months. Our current plan is to be walking about 10-15 km per day with one day off per week. The exact distances and routines will evolve to best meet the needs of us all, once we are actually on the journey. Terrain, campsites, weather and access to food will determine our pace. We aim to adhere to the Classroom Alive rhythm of walking 2 times 2 hours per day and a 4-hour self-study period. The journey plans to finish on or around 30 April in or close to Wellington. Join us for as long or short as suits you.


~ Marjan & Zinzi

The above is only a snippet from the full invitation document.
Find out more about the journey intention and the organisers HERE 






Dates: May 9th - August 9th, 2018 


Where: Dubrovnik-Tallin​


Mode of Transit: Bicycle!

"We would like to invite you to join us on Classroom Alive: Dubrovnik – Tallinn.  We will make this journey bicycling and study from May to August of 2018 and we would love to have you join us!


We plan to start from Dubrovnik on the 9th of May 2018, and to reach Tallinn 3 months later. The distance is approximately 3800 km. Our current plan is to be cycling about 60 km per day with 2 days off per week. The exact distances and routines will be evolved to best meet the needs of us all, once we are actually on the journey. Along the route we are focusing on crossing a diversity of landscapes, mountains, countryside, villages, as well as cities on the route like Split, Wien, Praga, Berlin, Tallinn…


For the journey we are looking to be a total of 8 people all of whom undertake the whole 3 months. As organizers we will create the initial form of the journey, how decisions are made, how logistics are executed, how the studies are carried. As everyone becomes comfortable on the journey, the entire form will be created by the community traveling together. We want this to be OUR project as we make this journey school together."


~ Camille & Lucile 


Playground: Romania 




Dates: July 17th - August 27th 2017 (42 days)


Participants: 11+dog


Where: Romania



Website: Here


An experimentation and exploration into practices of presence and community.

Walking intentionally through nature, to put into practice our shared values, with a co-created community of learners.


Classroom Alive: Playground adapts the original journey’s focus from self-directed studies to peer-led group studies & practices; applying practical tools to be explored by the community. Study is then aimed at (but not limited to) teaching and learning subjects that help us to apply our group practices. For example, Non-Violent Communication as a practical tool of authentic and accurate communication, which can be taught, used and practiced as a group.


The term “Playground” came from the wish for this year’s journey to be playful and experimental. We don’t want to take things too seriously, and play is a valuable way to practice what we preach. Bringing in the element of group studies in a playful way opens us up to enjoy the journey as well as benefit from our shared knowledge and gifts. 


Budapest to Porto




When: July 25th - October 5, 2016 (72 Days)


Open Week: August 27th - September 4th


Most successful study time!







The first Classroom Alive on bicycles, we left Budapest on July 25th 2016 heading for Porto, Portugal. Along our way we crossed through Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain and a small part of Portugal.


Learn more at our website here.


Villach to Budapest



Dates: June 1st - August 3rd, 2016 (64 Days)

Open Week: June 28th -

July 10th

Total Participants: 32

Further Harvest: TBA

Making our way through the changing landscapes of Austria, Slovenia and Hungary we'll practice living in community together; supporting each other through mentor groups for our studies and community check-ins to hold our group process with. We also want to give space for people to host workshops around their studies with feedback rounds from the group.


Traveling by foot with a community of learners through raw and beautiful landscapes, we hope to come closer to the beauty of nature, enliven our thinking and walk with a feeling of curiosity that will reach over the horizon.

Learn more at our website here.


Los Angeles (pop-up)



Dates: January 6th - 15th, 2016 (10 days)

Distance: 95km

Participants: 17

Discovery: The Heart of L.A

First Purely Urban C.A

Pop-up journeys allow for experienced Classroom Alive organizers to create a trip centered on a specific topic or place over a short period of time.


Belgium (pop-up)



Dates: April 14th -19th, 2015

(6 days)

Distance: 38km 

Participants: 25

Theme: Self-Designing C.A

Least Succesful Gear: frisbee tent

Pop-up journeys allow for experienced Classroom Alive organizers to create a trip centered on a specific topic or place over a short period of time.

The Belguim open week was an opportunity to explore the model of classroom alive. Along the walk, we took study time to host design sessions focusing on the co-creation of the umbrella organization of Classroom Alive. 


It was also a chance for prospective core teams to explore what a journey could look like.


It was the first journey on which a police officer broke up a camp. 






Dates: May 5th - July 13th,

2014 (70 days)

Number of Participants: 12


Distance Walked:900km

Most improved part of CA: Food

Classroom Alive: Ireland was beautifully simple. A learning journey walking from Kinsale in the south of Ireland up the Atlantic coast to Ballycastle in the north. During the journey, each participant carried their home on their back and explored a question from their life. 


With our questions as our guides, the coast as our compass and the landscape, the people and our bodies as our teachers this was our classroom.


Learn more at our website here. 






Dates: May 26th - November 30th, 2013 (180 days)

Distance: 4000km

Participants: 33

Most Eaten Food: Tortilla

Sweden to Greece was the first Classroom Alive trip. On it we were exploring what was possible as far as journeying and studying. We mostly were undetaking individual studies but found that the shared studies were the most dynamic. 


On our trip our finances were also completely shared inlcuding things like coffee, smokes, condoms, and ice cream. This meant we had a strong learning process around what it means to share. 


We adopted a dog and were tempted to get a goat and a donkey.   


Learn more at our website here.